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League legend Michael Ennis says the NRL should have triggered the relocation of the entire competition to remote Queensland to save the season.

The board considered adding all 16 clubs to Gladstone and isolating a select group of people to keep the games going and broadcast on the global coronavirus pandemic.

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NRL WRAP: What you need to know about the decision and the impact of the shutdown

“Rugby League is Afghanistan”


But before that could happen, Queensland’s Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk closed the border on Monday.

This decision ultimately resulted in the NRL and ARLC being forced to suspend the season on Monday afternoon, and no one knows when they can resume.

“Once Palaszczuk closed the borders, the game was over for us,” said Ennis Fox League morning.

“We have three clubs in Queensland, the Warriors in Kingscliff.


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news.”/>NRL stars respond to the shutdown

NRL stars respond to the shutdown


“The plan to move everyone to Gladstone, the facility there that could have isolated the competition.

“We should have tried. We should have stepped on the forefoot, we should have that.

“It was an opportunity to crouch and see how we were doing.

“We don’t know what’s coming, but it was an opportunity to get into a facility that could accommodate everyone. You would have had all the medical staff there.

“The players just had to buy themselves.”

Fox League Mornings panelist Matty Johns pointed out; “It would have been difficult if it had been extended by six months.”

Johns explained why the NRL is badly hit by the pandemic, but will ultimately survive.

He compared the game to Afghanistan.

“Of course, the game is currently in an incredibly precarious situation. I talk to people who are not familiar with the rugby league all the time and I tell them if the rugby league were a country it would be Afghanistan, ”said Johns.

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Wage cuts will hit the NRL

Wage cuts will hit the NRL


“We are massive belligerent tribes, the clubs. And we tear ourselves apart in good times.

“A month ago, the biggest problem in our game was the Tina Turner commercial. How petty that looks now.

“The good thing is that in really difficult times, the tribal colors are lower and we really bind ourselves, and that’s why we get through.

“We don’t know what it will look like when we do it. It will be different, but we will do it.”

Rugby legend Laurie Daley spoke to Big Sports Breakfast about the devastating shutdown.

“I don’t think anyone thought we were going to this stage in this country,” said Daley.

“You always hear your grandparents growing up, or your parents talking about certain situations, challenges that they faced in their lives.

“You would never have thought that we would face such things.

“The rugby league is a tough game that will hopefully get back on its feet like some other sports.

“You raise your hand, the game is now paused. We are not sure how long this break will last. “

“NRL will rise again”



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