Nuclear Extortion by the United States Will Fail


The United States military launches a cruise missile at San Nicolas Island, California, U.S., August 18, 2019. Photo/Scott Howe/Department of Defense/REUTERS

BEIJING – China insists any attempt at “nuclear blackmail” by the United States (US) will fail. Beijing accused Washington of encouraging confrontation between global powers after issuing the latest Nuclear Posture Review (NPR).

Asked about the recently published document outlining the US nuclear weapons policy, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, “NPR strongly opposes the Cold War and zero-sum mentality and uses nuclear weapons as a tool to advance the (US) geopolitical agenda. .”

“I need to emphasize that in this latest NPR, the US has made irresponsible statements and accusations and baseless speculations about the normal modernization of China’s nuclear power,” Wang told reporters on Friday.

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He added, “The United States has specifically adapted a nuclear deterrence strategy against Beijing.”

“China is deeply concerned and resolutely opposes such a move. Let me explain that we have the capability and confidence to safeguard our national security interests. US nuclear extortion will not work in China,” he stressed.

China considers the new US strategy, an unclassified version published on Thursday, to violate a campaign promise made by President Joe Biden, leaving the door open for a nuclear response to a non-nuclear strike.

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While Biden insisted that the “only goal” of America’s nuclear arsenal was to prevent or retaliate against the first-time use of a bomb, the White House-approved NPR concluded such an approach “would result in an unacceptable level of risk, given the range of non-nuclear capabilities that are currently under way.” developed and deployed by competitors.”

Wang went on to say, “The renewed American policy lowers the threshold for using nuclear weapons while at the same time increasing the so-called nuclear threat from certain countries.”