Nuclear Medicine patients of Reina Sofa benefit from the advantages of music therapy – Local News

Nuclear Medicine patients of the Reina Sofía Hospital benefit from the advantages of music therapy. It is a project started at the beginning of the year that seeks to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere to help minimize symptoms for patients before undergoing a cardiac perfusion scan. This test is carried out to know the functionality of the heart, either to monitor a heart disease or after suffering a cardiovascular event such as AMI (Acute Myocardial Infarction) or ANGOR (Angina pectoris).

Belén Luque Mirror, the nurse who has promoted this initiative from which several dozen patients have already benefited, explains that “Background music and a soft light contribute to the relaxation of these patients”. The project arises from the need to “reduce the symptoms that patients can generate when they are previously subjected to stimulation of the heart with a drug that increases heart rate.” This test is indicated by the cardiologist and is carried out in the Nuclear Medicine Unit, so “we think that by relaxing the environment the patient would feel safer”, continues the nurse.

This process causes an increase in heart rate and lasts about 5 minutes and it is right here when the light in the office is dimmed and the music is played in the background. Subsequently, the patient must eat some food rich in fat and drink water to promote digestion, since approximately half an hour later the cardiac perfusion scintigraphic study is carried out. This initiative to incorporate music therapy is part of the humanization plan for the healthcare complex and most patients say that it is beneficial and provides them with peace of mind. Precisely, a communication on the contributions of music therapy in these patients has recently been accepted in the latest edition of the European Congress of Nuclear Medicine.


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