Nuclear medicine, white blood cell scintigraphy activated

In the Nuclear Medicine department of the Conegliano hospital, directed by Dr. Pasquale Sorce, white blood cell scintigraphy was activated. A complex procedure, currently performed in a few centers in Veneto, involves the selective separation of the patient’s white blood cells, their labeling with a radioactive tracer and subsequent re-administration.

«The examination – emphasizes the head physician, Pasquale Sorce – has high diagnostic accuracy and is widely used in the research of infections in the orthopedic, cardiovascular, surgical and gastroenterological fields, as well as in the case of fever of unknown origin. It is a useful test for the rapid and accurate diagnosis of infections that are otherwise difficult to identify ”. This diagnostic modality of the Santa Maria dei Battuti hospital is in addition to the start of telemedicine for the PET / CT exam. «The exam booked in Conegliano – concludes the head physician – will be performed in Treviso, using the equipment of Ca ‘Foncello. The data, in real time, are sent to us online and we process them, report them and deliver them to the patient ».