Number of corona patients in home isolation is falling

The number of COVID-19 patients in home isolation has shown a declining trend in Suriname in recent weeks. While the number was close to 3000 three weeks to a month ago, it has fallen sharply in recent times. Bart van Lohuizen, operations manager of the 178 COVID line, made this known during the COVID-19 press conference on Thursday 28 October.

Van Lohuizen gave an indication of the situation in the past three weeks. In the period from October 6 to October 13, 2,567 patients were in home monitoring, 526 were cured at home in that week and 19 people died. The week of October 13 to 20, 2027 patients were at home, 887 were declared cured and 15 lost the battle against the virus.

In the week 20 to 27 October 1450 patients were kept at home, 624 were cured and 8 died. It is hoped that this downward trend will continue. Statistics show that in addition to the decrease in the number of patients in home isolation, there is also a huge decrease in the number of calls from citizens who call 178 for information.

The focus of 178 for the coming period is aimed at providing a weekly update of data, professionalizing the COVID line, work processes and appropriate training for staff. The operations manager considers it important that these processes can be solved together.