Number of Goats Dumped into Serang River, Semarang Becomes 94 Carcasses, Police Know the Perpetrators: 3 People

TRIBUNJATENG.COM, UNGARAN – The police found a number of clues related to the disposal of dozens of goat and sheep carcasses in the Serang River, Pamotan Hamlet, Susukan, Semarang Regency which occurred on Tuesday (21/6/2022) yesterday.

Based on the narrative of the Semarang Police Chief, AKBP Yovan Fatika, his party already has the identity of who is responsible for the disposal of the dozens of ruminant animals.

“For the development of the results of the investigation and the disclosures obtained by the police in this case, we will convey it to the public clearly,” he told, Wednesday (22/6/2022) today.

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Dozens of goat carcasses were washed away in the Serang River, Susukan District, Semarang Regency, Tuesday (21/6/2022). The goat is suspected of contracting foot-mouth disease or PMK. (Tribun Jateng/ Hanes Walda)

From the police examination of the witnesses, information was found that the disposal was carried out by three people using trucks.

The witnesses, who are residents of Tengaran, also stated that they were paid Rp. 100,000 to help dispose of the carcasses into the river.

Meanwhile, the police have also received instructions that the requester to dispose of the carcasses was an expedition to transport livestock from Sumatra.

“So there are two expedition trucks. Since the livestock they were carrying were dead, they asked their friends in the Landmark area for help to dispose of the livestock.”

“The number of dead livestock that were dumped in the Serang river reached 94,” continued AKBP Yovan.

He added that the Police were looking into the threat of punishment that could be imposed in consultation with experts.

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Based on the results of the examination by animal health workers, dozens of livestock that died indicated mouth and nail disease (PMK).

“We make sure the goat carcass is a goat from a farm because the goat’s ears were found with marks of goat code earrings,” concluded the Police Chief.