Number of severely disabled people has fallen slightly – Bavaria

According to statistics, the number of people with severe disabilities in Bavaria fell slightly last year. According to this, around 1.16 million severely disabled people lived in the Free State in 2021, as the State Office for Statistics announced on Thursday in Fürth. In 2019, the number was still 1.17 million people. More than half of those affected are 65 years old or older, about a third between 45 and 65 years old; Minors made up a small proportion at 2.4 percent. A severe disability is defined as an officially determined degree of at least 50 due to a physical, mental or psychological disability. The most common is the impairment of internal organs and organ systems, followed by paraplegia, cerebral disorders, mental and emotional limitations and addictions. The latter category includes, among other things, neuroses, personality and behavioral disorders.

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