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Nuno: Europe would not change the wolves' spending plan

Nuno's lawsuit against Arsenal is in search of seventh place in the Premier League.

And if they could achieve that, the current small team might be stretched. But Nuno does not want to make any drastic changes and will not sign just because of that.

"It's not compulsory," he said with increasing numbers when they finished seventh and Manchester City wins the FA Cup.

"The moment will come to decide, but now we have 16 players plus the support of the U23 and the goalkeepers.

"This is the squad that will go until the end of the season.

"What happens afterwards, nobody knows. But the process is the same. We have the foundation and it's about getting that base.

"I think 70 or 75 percent of the team is the same as in the championship, so nothing will really change that aspect.

"We have to adapt, we have to look, but not because we expect more games.

"The players who come here are really improving the team, not just this year, but also last season. This is the foundation we believe in – every player has to bring something new. A new brick in the house. "

Wolves have already announced one of the signings they will finalize this summer – Raul Jimenez's £ 32 million record.

And about the way these deals are decided, Nuno said, "It's a multi-opinion situation. It has to do with the market, with the value, the profile, what you have or not. There are many people because we share the same view. "

Nuno added, holding on to his top stars, "Now they're here. If someone knocks on the door, we have to decide. The team is the engine of the club. To get better, you have to see what the team needs. "


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