Nuoro, elderly in the wrong direction: the research of the Polstrada

The searches are underway by the agents of the Nuoro Traffic Police to identify the old woman who this morning risked causing a very serious accident on the SS 131 Dcn in Monte Pitzinnu, at the crossroads of Lula. At first the woman’s car, a white subcompact, was avoided by a motorist traveling in the direction of Siniscola, then a truck driver, Giuseppe Casula, 44, from Pirri, (in the photo) noticed it and avoided the tragedy by stopping .


In fact, he crossed the car that was traveling the wrong way in and, with quickness of spirit, blocked the traffic by stopping his vehicle in the middle of the roadway, allowing the woman to reverse briefly and put the car back in the correct direction. The truck driver filmed everything with his mobile phone and posted the video which immediately went viral on instant messaging channels. The Nuoro Traffic Police, led by the executive Leo Testa, is continuing the research to identify the elderly woman.


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