The General Council and the Colleges of Nursing have released a list of tips in an infographic and animated video to encourage continued healthy nutritional and movement habits for as long as the alarm state and confinement are prolonged, with the aim of preventing possible future cardiovascular diseases due to poor exercise and poor diet.

Establishing guidelines, taking a grocery list to the supermarket and exercising are some of the recommendations for the entire population who are locked up at home these days to fight the coronavirus.

“Nurses have a fundamental role in providing health education to citizens. Food and exercise are two basic pillars to lead a healthy life and in these times of crisis we must be accompanying and teaching the population”, highlights its president, Florentino PĂ©rez Raya.

Alejandro Blanco, an expert nurse in Sports Nursing, points out that you have to differentiate between physical activity (tasks that are done daily such as picking up, making bed, cleaning, etc.) and physical exercise, which must be scheduled. “The most important thing is to make a plan and try to create a routine. That is, plan to do certain exercises to have a benefit in my mobility or to achieve an increase in musculoskeletal health,” he explains.

Marilourdes de Torres, also coordinator of the scientific committee of the Association of Nurses of Nutrition and Dietetics (Adenyd), puts as a first condition for a good diet “to make an activity plan, with a few hours to eat and thus achieve a life plan during the confinement”.

In this sense, when going to the supermarket to make the purchase, it is important to keep a list of the products that you have to get. “This list should have fruit, vegetables, pasta, rice, potatoes, eggs, legumes, fish, meat (mainly white meat and red meat once or twice a week), nuts, olive oil and dairy products – such as yogurts and milk. – because, in addition to being satiating, they provide a protein of high biological value “.

Also, there are some techniques to try to pass the confinement in the healthiest possible way, substituting the snack of snacks for healthier foods. “You can buy a pineapple and make taquitos, it has vitamin C and antioxidants, which remove anxiety, in addition to the bromelain that it contains, which is a good fighter against the accumulation of fat. You can also eat apples or carrots in taquitos. All these fruits or any other that we can think of, in addition to serving as a snack, provide us with vitamins and fiber. Thus, instead of eating ultra-processed snacks loaded with saturated fats, we eat health. With fruit you have a satiating sensation that takes away your anxiety and at the same time provides nutrients, but few calories, “says the nurse.

For his part, Alejandro Blanco recommends that, during this period of time, instead of doing a single exercise session, start in two, one in the morning and one in the afternoon; for example, from 11 to 11.30 once and from 19 to 19.30 another. “If it is not programmed, it is not going to be done. It is essential to combine this with food. We should not neglect protein intake because they are what make the muscle work,” he highlights.

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