Nursing, the second most demanded profession in Spain; Medicine, the third

Facade of the Faculty of Nursing of the University of Castilla La-Mancha in Ciudad Real.

This week the university entrance exams start in different autonomous communities, some exams that are key for the professional future of thousands of students. As has happened in so many other aspects, the coronavirus pandemic has also affected the labor demand, and during 2020 Nursing Y Medicine have become the two degrees with the most professional opportunities in our country, since the 6.9 percent and the 5.2 percent, respectively, of the job vacancies that require university studies refer to these two qualifications.

It is the data that is extracted from the analysis of the degrees with the greatest professional opportunities, encompassed within the ‘Adecco Infoempleo Report 2020: Job offer and demand in Spain’, and carried out by Infoempleo and Spring Professional, and may be conditioning factors before the final decision on what career to study. Thus, while Business Administration and Management is the university career that provides the highest percentage of professional opportunities in Spain, with 11.3 percent, these two health training courses have increased compared to previous years after the Covid-19 pandemic.

While in 2019, Nursing It was in seventh position, now it is the second most demanded degree by companies. Thus, its specific weight continues to rise over the global calculation, going from 2.5 percent (in 2019) to 6.9 percent today. In addition, it is the university career that has gained the greatest weight in the job offer.

For his part, he follows closely Medicine and Biomedicine, which has also increased considerably in the last year. Training has increased 3.6 percentage points, standing in 2020 with 5.2 percent of the job demand destined for college graduates.

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Health sector, the most demanded labor market

Of all the job offers aimed at university graduates, the 18.7 percent comes from the health sector, thus being the sector that demands the most graduates. According to the report, Health has experienced the highest growth in terms of demand for university students, going from 5 percent in 2019 to 18.7 current. Thus, it displaces the industrial sector and demonstrates the effect of the health crisis on the labor market.

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