NVIDIA bought Arm for $ 40 billion

NVIDIA has purchased processor developer Arm. The Japanese corporation SoftBank, which bought Arm in 2016 for $ 32 billion, will receive about $ 40 billion for the developer of processors with the same architecture.

As part of the new owner, Arm will continue to work with an open licensing model and at the same time maintain its neutrality with respect to global customers, which is the basis of its success. NVIDIA points out that 180 billion chips with Arm technology have been delivered so far, Mobile Bulgaria writes.

NVIDIA will retain the Arm name and promises to expand the company’s headquarters in Cambridge, and its intellectual property will remain registered in the United Kingdom. In addition, NVIDIA promises to build a new global AI research center there, as well as a new supercomputer, developer training center and startup incubator.

However, two of Arm’s co-founders have expressed concern about the deal. Herman Hauser and Tudor Brown believe the company should remain neutral instead of being part of a company like NVIDIA that makes its own processors. According to them, this will lead to a conflict of interest, because Arm’s customers will be dependent on a business with which they can compete in the sale of chips.

The two believe that once Arm becomes the property of a US company, Washington could try to block access to its technology for Chinese companies as part of a large-scale trade war between the two countries.

NVIDIA promises to maintain Arm’s neutrality with its global customers.

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