Nvidia launches A100 GPU with 80GB HBM2e memory and PCIe 4.0 interface – Computer – News

Quite simply, a CPU is a calculator and all the time does nothing but make simple calculations like 1+1=2 and 1×1=1.
And a GPU is more like a machine that has a lot of formulas, eg for calculating pi.

So you have tasks that benefit more from a CPU (e.g. a database entry is 1, one is added, so 1+1 = 2) or tasks that can be done better by a GPU (e.g. draw 1500 circles with a diameter of 500 pixels )

A CPU or GPU isn’t faster or better, but both do calculations for completely different purposes.

Or for people who are more visually oriented, a CPU is a craftsman who can make something unique without the help of others by performing many small actions that result in a complex end product. While a GPU is a plastic press machine that poops out 100 identical perfectly formed plastic containers in 1 minute.

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