NVIDIA P102-100: another low-fat version of Pascal for miners

NVIDIA P102-100: another low-fat version of Pascal for

On the pages of the resource Crypto Mining Blog Last week, a message appeared about the preparation by Inno3D of a specialized solution for miners based on GP102 GPU generation Pascal. Being a close relative of GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, this “tool of miners” named P102-100 is inferior to this video card in the characteristics.

Image source: Inno3D, Crypto Mining Blog
In particular, during the “degreasing” the number of CUDA cores was reduced from 3584 to 3200 pieces, and the 352-bit memory bus was replaced by 320-bit memory. The amount of memory type GDDR5X has been reduced from 11 to 5 GB, and the interface refers to PCI Express x4 of the first generation. Moreover, even the backplane bar will be offered as an option, although even in the absence of video outputs it could be used to increase the rigidity of the design. To the power supply this accelerator is connected via two eight-pin connectors, the TDP level does not exceed 250 W.
Theoretically, P102-100 should be cheaper than GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, but so far no information on the cost of this particular product is available. But the manufacturer promises a performance of about 47 megawares per second when mining Ethereum.

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