Nvidia’s crypto-mining preventions breached as GPU prices normalize

Nicehash, maker of the world’s most widely used Ethereum miners, has officially bypassed the measure Nvidia put in place on a range of its GPUs to slow down mining operations.

Nvidia’s LHR (Lite Hash Rate) identified the algorithms used for cryptocurrency mining and prevented the associated GPU from reaching its full mining potential. Nvidia hoped this would deter would-be miners from buying the GPUs in bulk and help bring market prices back to some normality. Even with LHR in place, this hasn’t happened quickly, but with declining mining profits and increasing semiconductor supply, GPU prices have steadily returned to normal levels lately.

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But the new Nicehash workaround threatens to smother that. Confirmed by Tom’s Hardware, the new version of Quickminer (which currently only works on Windows) is available for download and restores normal hashrate on almost all Nvidia cards that ship with LHR. Newer versions of the Nvidia GPU, such as the RTX 3050, feature a third revision of LHR, with Nicehash saying these won’t have their hashrates boosted above normal levels as is possible on d other cards.

One aspect that might make this less of a problem today is the fact that cryptocurrency markets are currently in bad shape, along with many other markets. As inflation soars, more money has left volatile cryptocurrency markets and entered more established and solid bets. This has made mining even less profitable, meaning the prospect of buying GPUs for this sole purpose makes less sense now than it did a year ago.