NXT 01.07.2020 The Great American Bash – Night 1

Friends readers of Zona Wrestling, welcome back to the appointment with NXT on Wednesday. It will be the first of two great evenings renamed in memory of the legendary “The Great American Bash” and for the occasion we have a respectable card. The untitled match between stands out I Shirai e Sasha Banks, but tonight the Japanese NXT champion will also find out who will be the first challenger in the Fatal 4-Way between Dakota Wood, Candice LaRae, Mia Yim e Tegan Nox. But there will also be many other tasty matches and to tell you, as usual, there is Jasper.

Performance Center festively decorated, with red, white and blue balloons and ring cords. A white Dodge Viper and a red Corvette Cabrio dominate the stage.

1) N.1 Contender Fatal 4-Way Elimination match for the NXT Women’s Campionship: Tegan Nox vs Dakota Kai vs Mia Yim vs Candice LaRae (3,5 / 5)
Good intensity from the early stages, with the girls trying to keep each other out of the ring. Candice takes the stage with a Springboard Crossbody out of the ring and a Super German Suplex on Mia. Tegan gains momentum and together with Yim they put the opponents out of play. Immediately afterwards Mia eliminates Candice quite unexpectedly with the Protect Ya Neck. During the break Dakota manages to take control for a few minutes, Mia interrupts her maneuver. The two faces return to collaborate and Kai resists stoically. Tegan and Mia cross the bridges and begin a fight that is interrupted by the return of the Kai. Mia Yim is the most active, with a series of Headscissors and Suicide Dive on her opponents and goes first to the victory with the Blue Code (only 2) and then with Seoul Food, but Tegan is reactive to get out of the ring immediately. Dakota Kai takes advantage of this to close Yim in an O’Connor Roll and eliminate her. Tegan and Dakota remain, colliding showing all their old rusts with hard blows. Tegan comes out better and hits with his Uppercuts at the corner and touches the big target with the Cannon Ball first and then with a Fall Away Slam. The Welshman asks too much when he gets on the pole, because Dakota slingshot her on the carpet and connects with the Kairopractor. The Nox responds with a Facebuster, but the attempt of Shiniest Wizard fails and is closed in the Koji Clutch. Tegan leaves, goes with the Molly Go Round from the stake and this time he finds the Shiniest Wizard who sends her to seventh heaven.
Winner: Tegan Nox via pinfall

McKenzie Mitchell tries to interview Damian Priest, but he prefers to speak to the person concerned. Addresses Cameron Grimes and tells him that he has now drawn his attention and it will be something he will regret. He officially challenges him and promises to give him a lesson that will be remembered forever.

2) Singles Match: Timothy Thatcher vs Oney Lorcan 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
Definitely the match I expected the most and the expectations are not betrayed. Great phase of initial study, with Lorcan trying to keep Thatcher on the ground, who however demonstrates what it means to have a wrestling school. Oney applies another Lock to his arm, from which Tim struggles to get out of the way, but manages to reverse the situation and bring numerous padlocks to his arms and neck. After the break, the match lights up and becomes even more intense with excellent Suplexes: Belly to Belly for Tim, Half and Half for Oney. With the demon-staring gaze the two begin to exchange blows at very high stiff levels and Oney tries to subdue Tim with the Single Leg Crab. I don’t know how, Thatcher connects it with a Double Underhook Suplex and Lorcan tries to react by putting his hands in his opponent’s mouth. This does not please Thatcher, closes the Fujiwara Armbar and makes Lorcan surrender.
Winner: Timothy Thatcher via submission

A clip shows Karrion Kross that wanders around cemeteries and deconsecrated churches, while talking about the time that passes and that is about to end. Scarlett he reads the tarot cards in front of a pentacle and says that soon the brand will be tormented by suffering.

3) 2 on 1 Handicap match: Rhea Ripley vs Aliyah & Robert Stone (se Rhea perde si unirà al Robert Stone Brand) 2.7 out of 5 stars (2,7 / 5)
Stone is presented in Rocky Balboa style, complete with mouthguard and protective glasses. Rhea is not impressed and immediately spreads it with a Chop. Aliyah intervenes and puts Ripley in difficulty with an excellent Hurracnrana and a Big Boot on the corner. Rhea, however, has power to sell and connects with the Electric Chair, but the pin is interrupted by Stone, who even tries an unlikely dip outside the ring, obviously failed. The distractions, however, are useful to his assistant to return to office and wear Rhea with collaborations on the edge of the regulation. After the break the two are even applying a Boston Crab / Crossface simultaneously and connecting with a double Suplex. Stone and Aliyah try again, but this time they are projected by Ripley, who unleashes and uses the opponent as a blunt weapon against the manager. Rhea is launched and closes both in the Texas Cloverleaf, causing them to give way.
Winner: Rhea Rilpey via pin fall

We see a clip with Roderick Strong during a session with the psychologist, who in a catatonic state talks about how Dexter Lumis is tormenting his thoughts. Staserà, however, will face his fear and will not be able to escape. In the next match the two will be tied to the wrists by a leather lace.

4) Strap match: Roderick Strong vs Dexter Lumis 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)
Roddy tries to play cunning by attacking Lumis while the referee was still tying the laces on his wrist, but it’s not a great idea. Dexter recovers immediately and drags Strong with the rope against the apron and, back in the ring, continues to brutalize his opponent. Strong tries to respond with Chop, but Lumis does not even hear them and returns to the attack, resisting any attempt of offensive. The clash moves to the stage, but the result does not change. Lumis sees the Dodge Viper and opens the trunk, but Strong recovers and tries to escape the nightmare with an Olympic Slam at the edge of the ring and using the string as a whip. Strong takes courage and hits a good streak, but a powerful Lumis Clothesline sends him back to the ground. After using the string as a weapon, Dexter tries the Kata Gatame (renamed by Ranallo “Silence”), but Strong moves it on the third string and hits a Superplex. Only 2. He tries then with a Boston Crab, but Lumis crawls outside and is saved. Bobby Fish arrives, hitting Lumis and allowing Strong to recover for a moment. The EU member, however, is quickly neutralized and Dexter wraps Strong with the lace and closes him in the Silence which ends the meeting.
Winner: Dexter Lumis via submission

A clip dedicated to Keith Lee shows the North American champion talking about his career and his connection with the fans and the people who raised him in this business. Remember Survivor Series, the Royal Rumble and its current champion moment. Now it will not disappoint anyone and will be able to snatch the title ad Adam Cole. He has great respect for him, his reign as an NXT champion has been incredible, but now it’s his turn. Let’s move on to Adam Cole, who admits that Keith Lee has had an extraordinary year. Nobody has had a similar year … except him. If it weren’t for Adam Cole vs Daniel Bryan, Lee would never have happened to SmackDown or Survivor Series and when there are decisive moments, Lee has always only failed. Cole will once again prove himself the most dominant champion in NXT history.

Johnny Gargano e Candice LaRae they complain to McKenzia about how the match went, but she sees Mia Yim in the distance and runs to attack her. Meanwhile Johnny has a squabble with Isaiah “Swerve” Scott who was around. Let’s go back to the Performance Center, where El Legado Del Fantasma makes its entrance. Santos Escobar he goes up to the ring with his henchmen and says they will take the Lucha Libre to another level. Their history of tradition can never be a side dish made of masked wrestlers who fly. They are more than a mask, they will rewrite the history of the Lucha Libre and do it in the image of Santos Escobar. arrives Drake Maverick with a new theme song and takes off the collar, but just goes up in the ring Joaquin Wilde e Raul Mendoza they block him. Escobar tells him that he had warned him and is preparing to attack, but to the rescue of Drake they arrive Tyler Breeze e Fandango, who put the three Mexicans to flight. Fandango takes the microphone and says that next week, on the second night of Great American Bash, they won’t be able to escape. Cameron Grimes is in the bastage with McKenzie and says he heard what Damian Priest said, but this is his time and he won’t think about the past. Now he looks to the future and proclaims himself No. 1 Contender, even challenging who will win next week between Keith Lee and Adam Cole.

In summary: next week will debut Mercedes Martinez, Breezango and Drake Maverick vs El Legado Del Fantasma are announced and Candice LaRae will face Mia Yim in a Street Fight.

5) Non-Title Singles match: Io Shirai vs Sasha Banks (w/ Bayley) 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
Sasha shows up in a Jaguar F-Type Convertible in the company of Ryu, her little Corgi. Io puts his usual speed in the ring and avoids the initial attacks of the Banks, hitting a Dropkick Missile and a perfect Suicide Dive. Bayley is distracted by honking her horn and Sasha can recover, hitting with a Double Knee from the corner, then targeting Io’s arms and fingers. The Japanese girl frees herself with a Headscissor and throws her opponent off the stake with a Frankensteiner. I find the 619, go close to victory and Sasha risks big in an attempt to avoid a German Suplex. Boss still manages to close Shirai in the Bank Statement for a few moments, but lets go. I can thus hit with the Knee Strike on the corner, but fail the Moonsault. Sasha hangs me upside down and goes to trash talking, but pierces the Metero and crashes on the stake. I again misses the Moonsault and collects Sasha’s Meteor from the third rope, which however is not enough. The clash always remains balanced, until Sasha intercepts the attempt to Springoboard and hits Io with an Enziguri and a Powerbomb on the plexiglass barriers. Sasha tries the Frog Splash, but Io avoids it and closes the Crossface. Bayley creates a diversion and hits Io, but while arguing with the referee, Asuka appears from under the ring and spits the Green Mist in Sasha’s face. For Io Shirai it is child’s play to take down the opponent and fly with the decisive Moonsault.
Winner: I Shirai via pinfall

The two Japanese celebrate in the ring, while the couple champions leave trying to restore the sight to Sasha Banks.

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