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Oak Cliff Outfielder Dies After Being Hit By Apparently Speeding Car | Video | Univision 23 Dallas Ft. Worth KUVN

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be very careful tomorrow inthe afternoon, because we are going to havethose high ozone levels, thetemperature tomorrow is close90 °, but then we havedrastic changes, we talk aboutthat onwards.joana: the death of aHispanic gardener in a tacticaccident shows thedangers to whichface the residents of thatzone by drivers whothey drive high speed. cynthiaCano tells us what they docynthia: I talked to severalresidents of the good area, Ithey say they are tired ofthat jefferson street is soinsecure case ofdrivers who drive excessspeed, but finallyIt seems there is a solution.“I imagine that young man did notsorry that yesterday caused thedeath of another person “he told methis afternoon he is a resident ofthis neighborhood, they knowrefer what happened to metersfrom his house, yesterday putting together a48-year-old man, found thedeath, this is a photo of thefundraising pagethat the neighbors created for theirfamily. I was cutting thegrass when it was fatallyrammed by a sling carblue civic I was going to overshootvelocity. the driver of thatself as a hispanic man from22 years old, he collided with apick up truck, today in thescene there were still partsbroken carsinvolved.this resident of the areasays that unfortunately the yearlast there were two crashesSimilar. in august a carchoó found in the officefrom harris, and then another carhe toppled a lamp post. theneighbors started workingso the city of dallaswill implement measures ofstreet safetyjefferson, because as we sawtoday some driversThey use the section as a trackcareers.they ask for action, and they havegiven to the task of findinga solution, they have metwith other neighbors and requesteddata on your own accounttransportation department ofthe city of dallas, to createa plan of accón, that theThey introduced a councilor.He hopes that they will put in August thecity ​​install cones like theseon jefferson street toreduce the day from three to tworails, as isprovisional for two monthsthree months to determine ifhas the desired effect, whichdrivers reducevelocity. this councilor mesays he supports the measure, butto make it permanentwill need the opinion of thearea residents aftertrial period.we know that this man of 22years that caused this accidentmortal has already left the hospital,the dallas cop tell methat at the moment no

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