ÖAMTC: Fuel prices rise again for the first time in months

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Current fuel prices in the ÖAMTC check

Vienna (OTS) Since the beginning of 2020, fuel prices have been falling monthly. At least so far – in June, which just ended, prices rose again for the first time in a monthly comparison:
Diesel on average by 1.7 cents per liter to 1.001 euros, Super even by 3.2 cents per liter to 1.037 euros.

A recent survey by the Mobility Club on travel behavior shows that a good half of Austrians want to spend their summer vacation this year in Germany. Anyone planning this and traveling by car should in any case compare the prices in advance and find out about cheap petrol options in the area or along the planned route – for Austria, a quick and easy price comparison is possible, for example, using the ÖAMTC app. After all, you can still get the liter of diesel at just under 90 cents at the cheapest petrol stations, at Super it is around 95 cents. If you fill up at the cheapest instead of the most expensive petrol station, you can save almost 30 euros on a 50 liter tank.

Around a third of those surveyed by the ÖAMTC plan to spend their summer vacation abroad in the EU – Croatia, Italy and Germany are particularly in demand. If you are going there by car, you should still fill up in Austria – in all three countries the fuel is noticeably more expensive than here.

Use savings potential when driving

No matter where the holiday takes you, drivers can save money not only by choosing the right petrol station, but also when driving, and at the same time protect the environment:

* Check tire pressure – too little pressure causes the tire to wear out faster and increases fuel consumption.

* Drive with foresight and as constant as possible – this not only saves fuel, but also makes driving safer.

* Drive in the highest possible gear and avoid unnecessary gear changes.

* Do not carry unnecessary loads or roof structures.

* Accelerate only as long as it is required.

* Use engine braking.

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