OB election: Young Frankfurters ignore the vote

OB election: Young Frankfurters ignore the vote

By Regine Herrmann FRANKFURT – Participation in the Mayor’s runoff election in Frankfurt was particularly low among young voters. In the 18-24 age group, 83.4 percent ignored the vote on Sunday. Only 14.8 percent of women in this group, according to an analysis of the city of Frankfurt vote, for men, there were 18.2 percent.

The higher the age, the more voters: Among the citizens aged 70 and over, the participation was 43.8 percent – well above the average. That was 30.2 percent, “the lowest participation ever achieved in a Frankfurt election,” says the analysis.

Why this is so, the parties will now fathom. A presumption, the representatives of all parties already said on Sunday: Because of the clear lead of nearly 20 percentage points, the incumbent Peter Feldmann (SPD) in the first round in late February against his rival Bernadette Weyland (CDU) had probably thought many voters, the decision was made anyway.

The reason for analyzing the entire result is above all the CDU. Her candidate scored only 29.2 percent, Feldmann overtook them even in the strongholds of the Union. He reached in the runoff election 70.8 percent, took in all parts of the city the majority, sometimes he was more than 80 percent. In the first ballot, in which there were twelve candidates, Feldmann was 46 percent, Weyland at 25.4 percent.

Feldmann benefits from the recommendation of the left

The incumbent benefited from the voters of the left. Nearly 65 percent of those who had made their cross in February with their candidate Janine Wissler, chose him in the ballot. This has contributed significantly to his clear victory, it says in the analysis. The left had pronounced in contrast to the Greens a choice recommendation for the SPD man. Nevertheless, the Green voters voted for almost 40 percent for him. Even 2.1 percent of CDU voters switched to the Feldmann camp. The SPD supporters he could almost completely mobilize with 96.5 percent. Voters of the CDU, Greens, Left and independent candidate Volker Stein also remained “in greater numbers at home”.

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