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Obama accuses Trump of scaremongering on immigration

Former President Barack Obama has accused his successor Donald Trump and the Republicans of consciously fanning migrants during the election campaign. "They tell you that a bunch of poor refugees thousands of miles away is an existential threat to America," said the Democrat at a campaign event in Miami.

It was a "political show" that Trump sent soldiers to the Mexican border because of the migrants, Obama added. The only concern for the Republicans is to distract them from their own government balance sheet with scare tactics.

At present, thousands of people from Central America are in multiple groups heading for Mexico towards the US border. But they are still about 1300 kilometers away from the US as the crow flies. Trump has ordered the Pentagon because of the migrants to send soldiers to the border. They should support border management in logistical tasks. Do not arrest migrants.

"We will arrest these people for a long time"

Trump had said on Thursday that if the migrants become violent and throw stones, the soldiers will "beat back". He told the military that they should treat stone throws as if the migrants were carrying weapons, suggesting that the soldiers could open fire on humans, but did not say so explicitly.

Meanwhile, he distanced himself again from his comments. "They will not have to shoot, what I do not want is for these people to throw rocks," said the US president on Friday, asking questions from journalists. "We will arrest these people quickly and for a long time," he added.

Trump deliberately uses the subject of migration in the election campaign for the congressional elections next Tuesday (read a detailed analysis here). He speaks of an "invasion" and a threat to US national security.

Di Caprio and Pitt call to vote

The mood ahead of the congressional elections is increasingly tense. US actors Leonardo DiCaprio (43) and Brad Pitt (54), who are currently in front of the camera for the Quentin Tarantino movie "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," call together to vote. In a video message, the Hollywood stars turn to the US citizens to go to the polls on 6 November. It is about the future of our country, says DiCaprio.

"This election could be the most important thing in our lives," says the Oscar winner, referring to topics such as environmental protection, health care, immigration and stricter gun law.

"Please get a hearing," Pitt says. He calls on the audience to take action, knock on doors and mobilize voters.


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