Obama and Trump are attacking each other

Obama and Trump are attacking each other

Ex-President Barack Obama has his
Office successor Donald Trump and the Republicans accused in the
Campaigning to foster fears of migrants. "They tell you,
that a bunch of poor refugees thousands of miles away
existential threat to America, "said the Democrat at a campaign event in Miami.

The of Trump arranged military operation at the border with
Mexico is a "political maneuver," Obama added. The president separates for it "even our courageous soldiers from
their families. "The current US administration is calling for" constant hatred "in order to get away from it
To divert balance sheet of their politics, criticized Obama. "If people can simply lie with devotion, democracy can
not work. "He also defended the freedom of the press.

 Thousands of people from Central America are in several groups at the same time
Way through Mexico towards the US border. Trump had ordered the Pentagon to send soldiers to the border. You should
 support border management in logistical tasks. migrants
they must not arrest.

The US president is campaigning for the upcoming congressional elections, where Republicans could at least lose the majority in the House of Representatives. He speaks of an "invasion" and a
Danger to the national security of the USA. Obama
called for a vote. A
Choice alone would not "racism, sexism and homophobia
"he said," but it will be a start

Trump reacts with allegations

Trump threw Obama
 in return, not to have fulfilled promises to voters. The former president had a "lie after another" told and "one
Promise after another "broken, Trump said at a campaign meeting in Virginia.

 I promised with respect to his Health Care Act that "you
you can keep the doctor you like. "Some Americans have
 with Obamacare, however, their health insurance or
need to change their health care. In addition, no one was "worse
 Talking to the press as Obama, "Trump said," He's talking about being nice to fake news – no, thanks!


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