Washington, United States.

The former US president Barack Obama launched a veiled attack on his successor on Tuesday Donald trump, denouncing those who “rejected the warnings” about a pandemic of the new coronavirus and rebuking those who ignore the consequences of climate change.

“We have all been able to see, in a terrible way, the consequences of those who rejected the warnings of a pandemic,” he wrote. Obama On twitter.

More people have died from the coronavirus in U.S (3,415) that in China (3,305), cradle of the pandemic, according to the official Chinese balance and the reference count of the Johns Hopkins University. U.S It is the country with the most officially reported cases of the virus, with more than 174,000 on Tuesday.

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Obama took the floor on social media in reaction to an article announcing that the government of Trump He has just overturned the most stringent greenhouse gas emissions standards for vehicles that the Democratic leader had implemented in 2012, when he was in the White House.

“We cannot afford more consequences caused by those who deny climate change. All of us, especially young people, must ask for more from our government at every level and vote in the fall,” in the US elections, he added. Obama.

Coronavirus in the United States

The government of Trump it is the object of harsh criticism for having ignored the first alarms about the outbreak of coronavirus, when the death toll rose in countries like China and Italy.

In a statement, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said her department and the environmental protection agency were relaxing “expensive and increasingly unattainable standards for CO2 emissions and vehicle fuel efficiency.”

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Obama has so far largely stayed out of this presidential campaign, in which his former vice president Joe Biden is a favorite to face Trump in November.

The former president has not publicly endorsed any Democratic candidate, who is now pitting Biden against leftist Senator Bernie Sanders.


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