Obama, no chance of vaccine by election – North America


“There is no possibility that a Covid vaccine will be developed and distributed between now and the elections”. This was stated by Barack Obama, underlining that the “thing that worries him most between now and November is the need to do everything humanly possible to ensure that all those who want a change in the administration can do it at the polls, whether in person or by mail “.

Trump “doesn’t take the blame for anything, and takes credit for everything.” This was stated by former president Barack Obama, underlining that “Joe Biden is the right candidate, who has chosen an exceptional running mate”.
The Democratic convention “will be an important opportunity” for Biden to explain to the Americans how he intends to get us out of the hole we are in. But let’s face it it won’t be a live convention and that will probably alter the impact, it still won’t. we know”.

He attacked Barack Obama, the first African American president, for not being born in the United States and therefore for not having the necessary qualifications for the presidency. And now she does the same with Kamala Harris, the first African American and of Indian descent to be nominated for the vice presidency. Donald Trump does not accuse the senator directly: however, he avoids rejecting and denying the conspiracy theory of the birther circulating in right-wing circles and according to which Harris is not qualified for the vice presidency because of his parents who, when he is born, were not immigration legal. A false theory since Harris was born in Oakland, California, and therefore is an American citizen. And the parents, one from Jamaica and the other from India, were perfectly regular too: they received a doctorate from the University of California in 1963 and worked in academia in 1964, when Harris was born. Constitutionalists all agree that the immigration status of the senator’s parents at the time of her birth is irrelevant because, under the Constitution, anyone born in the United States automatically acquires American citizenship. Despite this questioned about it, Trump said: “I felt he doesn’t meet the requirements” for the vice presidency: “I don’t know if that’s true. I think the Democrats have checked whether he can do it or not. In any case it’s a very serious matter” . Accused of racism for failing to reject conspiracy theory, the president states that he “has no problem” with a strong African American woman participating in the race for the White House. Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law adviser, tries to throw water on the fire and explains that it was not the president’s intention to ride the birther theory, but then dismisses the question with a dry: “so much is a theory that circulates, so .. . “.



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