Obelisk Clock: The ministerial change includes 7 ministers, including three from the Sunnis

June 4, 2023

Baghdad/The Obelisk Al-Hadath: The Obelisk publishes the most prominent interactions of TV dialogues.

Oil Minister Hayan Abdul Ghani during a televised interview:

We are committed to voluntary production cuts to stop the collapse of oil prices
Iraq lost many of its oil exports during the days of the blockade
Stopping oil exports from the Kurdistan region and Kirkuk will not continue
A composite Total Energy contract called the “Integrated Southern Iraq Contract”
We welcome the entry of Qatari and Saudi companies into the oil industry in Iraq
It is not possible to continue importing gas from Iran
We currently import 900-1500 million cubic feet of Iranian gas
Iraq will achieve self-sufficiency in gas within 5-7 years
– Oil exports will be sufficient to bridge the budgets after restoring exports from Kurdistan and Kirkuk

Former Parliament Speaker Mahmoud Al-Mashhadani during a televised interview:

The Sunni forces that will run in the upcoming elections will be sovereignty, progress and determination
Al-Khanjar aspires to be number one on the Sunni level
Al-Khanjar wants to be independent and try his luck again in elections
Our conviction is that we do not vote on any decision that contradicts the decisions of the Federal Court
– There are compromise solutions that will be produced by the ongoing talks to approve the budget
The ministerial change and the change of governors will take place after the budget is approved
The state administration authorized Al-Sudani to propose a change of ministers and governors
There are indications of 3 Sunni ministers who may be replaced
The ministerial change may include 7 ministers in the Sudanese cabinet
Sleeper cells are present in the Baghdad belt, and the situation requires an emergency regiment from the people of the regions.

The leader of the State Forces Alliance, Hassan Fadam, during a televised interview:

We are accustomed to the speech of the Democratic Party in every budget
– The persistent intransigence of the Democratic Party delays approving the budget
Parliament is reluctant to vote on Barti’s demands for fear of his lack of commitment
The budget will pass even if the Democrat adheres to his decision
The Democrat accuses the people’s representatives in abusive terms
The Kurdish parties are the beneficiaries of the share of the region, not the people
The parties of the region abandoned Baghdad and held the referendum at sensitive moments
The current budget formula is not written in the political agreement
There is absolutely no breach of the political agreement
The Democratic Party sells the region’s oil and does not deposit money in any account
– The Central Bank or the Ministry of Oil does not know where the region’s oil money is deposited
– The region demanded the opening of a bank account under its supervision and a contract with a company whose money Baghdad would pay for auditing
– The Office of Financial Supervision in the region is illegal
– The region believes that the parliament of Baghdad is similar to its parliament, “walking with remote control on the money of their president.”

Representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Jay Taymur, during a televised interview:

The terms “older brother” or “younger brother” are used at home, not in the political process
We have full confidence in the Sudanese government and most of the parties in the state administration coalition
– The Finance Committee’s amendments do not represent all parties to the State Administration Coalition
– The Finance Committee wanted to put “political bombs” and embarrass the Sudanese
Those who included the Finance Committee’s amendments are a minority in their party

Former deputy of the Finance Committee, Muhammad Al-Shabki, during a televised interview:

The Finance Committee has completed the last items related to the budget
– “This week” will be the date for passing the budget
Delaying the budget affects the financial and economic situation of the country
– The current problems about the budget items are similar to the problems of Article 11 in the 2021 budget
– The “Democratic Party” is not serious and does not want to settle financial matters with the center

Director General of Central Refineries, Aed Jaber Omran, during a televised interview:

There was no explosion in the Karbala refinery, and what happened was only air leakage
The refining unit has been operated at 60% in the refinery, in implementation of the Prime Minister’s directives
There is no corrosion or collapse in the oil pipelines at the Karbala refinery
A number of cadres in the Dora refinery have been rehabilitated and sent to Karbala to operate the provincial refinery
– It was approved to assign 1,200 Iraqi affiliates working in the Karbala refinery to the side of the Korean cadres
The refining unit at Karbala Refinery is operating at 60% at the present time
The refining unit at Karbala refinery produces more than 3 million liters of crude

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