Obesity adversely affects the basic brain functions

 Wafa al-Sherbini A recent German study shows that weight gain affects not only the waist circumference, but can also have a negative effect on brain health.
The study of German neuroscience found that the acquisition of fat and excess weight can slow the speed of treatment and brain-solving skills, and these fats accelerate the process of aging.
The study found that the problem is more pronounced in women than men, and worse, in people who tend to gain weight around the stomach, not in other areas of the body, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail.
The study, prepared by the Max Planck Institute, found that people who are obese and overweight are more likely to suffer from dementia later in life.
The researchers found that after a survey of 2637 overweight people, weight gain altered the structure of the brain, reducing blood flow and oxygen to it, and reflected negatively on the performance of its basic functions. We thank you and the visitors to the field of the news site for confidence and presence, and we promise you to provide all new and important from all reliable news sources, has been transferred (obesity affects negatively on the functions of the brain basic), and the source is responsible for the news.
Source: Agencies



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