OBJECT WEEK: For all children – with and without disabilities

It’s also fun for adults – like Steffi Praunsmändtl here: the trampoline in the floor is also suitable for wheelchair users.



The little ones belong to the meadow kindergarten on the other side of Hans-Stuck-Straße. “It’s very practical to use,” explains employee Paula Steinhäusler. Four-year-old Adriano sits shyly on the floor next to her. He says quietly that his favorite play device is the funnel telephone – you speak into a funnel and the other person on the other telephone, which is a few meters away, can hear it.

Video: Play hill in Ingolstadt

Four-year-old Ceylin, on the other hand, loves the trampoline. “The trampoline can also be used by wheelchair users. Just like the swings,” explains Steffi Praunsmändtl, chairwoman of the non-profit organization Goals for Kids. “Our wish as an association has always been our own sustainable project.” This has come true with the barrier-free playground. Goals for Kids collects donations for seriously ill and socially disadvantaged children and young people in and around Ingolstadt with the help of goal sponsorships. “That means that the ERC Ingolstadt players have one or more sponsors who donate 150 euros per goal,” says Praunsmändtl. There are also individual donations and some sponsors pay for a victory.

Originally founded by the former captain of the ERC Ingolstadt, Glen Goodall, in 2007, since his move to Canada in 2010, the association has been run under the umbrella of ERCI GmbH under the chairmanship of founding member Steffi Praunsmändtl. “My family and I have had a very close relationship with ERC Ingolstadt as a long-term sponsor and partner for decades,” continues Praunsmändtl. “I myself had a serious traffic accident at the beginning of 2007, which made me aware of how quickly a self-determined life can be over. The foundation was then in November 2007 and it was clear to me that I wanted to be part of it and give something back in this way. ”

The LGS’s planning was already completed, but Goals for Kids, in cooperation with the former Lord Mayor Christian Lösel, found a suitable place for the play hill. For 85,000 euros from the donation pot, the integrative system was created within a year. Here all children can play together – with and without disabilities.

“The elements should appeal to the senses,” explains the 46-year-old from Ingolstadt. There are chimes, telescopes and distortion mirrors, a funnel telephone, a trampoline and swings. The texture of the floor covering is comparable to that of a tartan track – and is therefore also suitable for wheelchair users.

The play hill will remain in place even after the garden show has ended. dmIn the “Object of the Week” series, we present an exhibit from the State Horticultural Show every Tuesday.