Oblack Caps, the caps that have conquered Isabel Díaz Ayuso

just a few days ago, Isabel Diaz Ayuso He uploaded a photograph that was about to get a record of “likes” on his Instagram account. More than 80,000 people liked the “look” with which the Madrid “iron lady” surprised: accompanied by several photographs of autumnal landscapes, she shared a most casual snapshot with a cap that powerfully caught the attention of her followers. In a matter of minutes Oblack Capsthe brand in question, was placed in the spotlight of the media, “followers” and buyers eager to get hold of what is already postulated as the star accessory of the season, even causing an “out of stock” on the website of said signature.

“Black sheep”

The increase in sales was such that its CEO and creative director, Jose Luis Sena Miquel, in an interview for LA RAZÓN, is most satisfied and warns those stragglers who still do not have their Christmas Eve gift: «Right now, even if you want to buy the cap that she is wearing, you cannot do it, you could reserve it so that It will come to you in December. Although the “commotion”, as he himself describes it, has not caught this successful brand of caps that was born in 2012 in Ibiza under an electronic music label by surprise, and it is that Sena himself was in charge of showing his sympathy towards Ayuso publicly, and thus confirms it to this medium: «It is true that I have said on several occasions that I would be excited if he wore our capbecause the truth is that I like him quite well». “Going beyond politics, what I see on Instagram, what I see of her … I like it,” he clarifies.