It is rather unusual for a medical journal to make election recommendations. The British magazine “The Lancet” now feels compelled to do so. The reason is Donald Trump’s action in the corona crisis.

The well-known British science magazine “The Lancet” has criticized the actions of US President Donald Trump in the corona crisis and indirectly called for it to be voted out. Trump’s government is “obsessed with panaceas – vaccines, new drugs, or a hope that the virus will just go away,” a comment said.

In the fight against the virus, the Trump administration has marginalized the CDC health authority. “Americans must send a president to the White House in January 2021 who understands that public health should not be controlled by party politics.” The magazine’s comment continued that the pandemic was worsening in the United States.

CDC had made mistakes in the crisis – for example through faulty corona virus tests. The United States had also by no means built the test infrastructure needed to combat the pandemic. But that could not be a reason to further undermine the health authority, which was once the international standard.

The magazine also criticized Trump’s announcement to suspend payments to the World Health Organization in the middle of the pandemic. Trump presented the “Operation Warp Speed” on Friday, which aims to find a vaccine against the corona virus by the end of the year. At the same time, the president had said that even without a vaccine, the virus would “go away” at some point. The name comes from the fictitious “warp drive” in the “Spaceship Enterprise” series, which can fly faster than the speed of light on television.


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