Obstetric block – Mâcon Hospital Center

When should I go to the maternity ward?

At any time during pregnancy, if you experience any concerns or abnormalities (decreased or absent active movements of the fetus, headaches, abnormal swelling of the legs, fever, etc.), if you lose blood, if your water breaks, if you feel regular uterine contractions, it is time to come and consult the Maternity in emergency (Obstetrical unit, 4th stage).

At the entrance, the midwife completes your medical file, examines you, informs you and directs you according to your condition: possibility of a return home, admission for monitoring in your room, transfer to the block obstetrics, in the pre-labor or labor room.

Rappel : only one accompanying person is authorized to accompany you to the obstetric block.

Remember to take your Maternity Kit

Preparation instructions before giving birth