Obtain an energy flat rate twice: 500 euros tax-free possible

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Created: 10/3/2022 4:59 am

Von: Jason Blaschke


Around three million consumers in Germany can hope for a second energy flat rate. The basis is the agreed relief package III.

Stuttgart – Food, ancillary costs and fuel prices tear large holes in the household budget of many consumers. In order to cushion the consequences of the energy and price crisis, the traffic light coalition in Berlin has introduced several relief measures – such as inflation compensation for employees, a heating cost subsidy for citizens entitled to housing benefit in Germany and a 300 euro energy flat rate.

Double energy flat rate not allowed – but there is an exception

From September, the first consumers should get the 300 euros paid out via their salary, students and pensioners should receive the energy price flat rate (EPP) later. How much of the energy flat rate comes into the account depends primarily on two factors. In contrast to other relief that is tax-free, the energy allowance is included in the gross-net calculation of the salary.

Mini-jobbers and pensioners are exempt from EPP taxation if they do not exceed a certain income limit per year and are therefore generally not subject to tax. What is not possible is to receive the energy flat rate twice – for example through a full-time job and later again through a mini-job. Anyone who takes 600 instead of 300 euros with them must report the error to their responsible tax authority, which will correct the payment.

Students with mini-jobs can even get an energy flat rate of 500 euros

Anyone who does not do so is liable to prosecution – at least that was the status so far. It is now coming to light that there may be a second energy flat rate for around three million consumers in Germany. Report CHIP 365 according to the basis for this is the relief package III, which also includes the energy flat rate for pensioners and students reported in detail in a separate service article.

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Those who study and have a part-time job receive the regular energy allowance of 300 euros and a second EPP of 200 euros – both tax-free provided that a certain income limit is not exceeded. As CHIP 365 reported, the two one-off payments should not be offset against each other. The bottom line is that around three million students can look forward to 500 euros from the state, as Finance Minister Christian Lindner im Funk-Interview on YouTube approved.

Finance Minister Christian Lindner does not want to offset the one-off payments to students. © IMAGO/Leon Kuegeler

Energy flat rate for students may not be available until 2023 – reason surprising

It is still unclear when and how the 200 euro energy flat rate for students will be paid out. CHIP 365 reports that the payout could be delayed until 2023 as politicians are still looking for solutions. The regular EPP is paid out by the employers in Germany, who get the money back from the state via the advance sales tax return. It is more difficult for students because not all of them have a fixed income.

energy flat rate Amount in EUR
Employees, the self-employed, mini-jobbers, trainees 300
students 200
Pensioner 300

The federal government says that a “quick and unbureaucratic solution” is being sought. The fact is, however, that at least all those students who do not have a mini-job will have to be patient a little longer. Pensioners get the 300 euros paid out by the German pension insurance in December – at least that’s the plan. Students who receive the regular energy flat rate in addition to the 200 euros still have to observe a formality.

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Criticism of double energy flat rate: “Government is going completely nuts”

A message from the Ministry of Finance on the EPP for all mini-jobbers states that “the employee must confirm in writing to the employer that this is the first employment relationship.” The mini-jobber must submit the written insurance to his employer in writing. This not only affects students, but basically all mini-jobbers who want to receive their 300 euro EPP from September, reports to.

In the Facebook community, a double energy flat rate for students is not well received by all users. “The state doesn’t even pay me one,” writes an angry user. “Now the government is going completely nuts,” adds another with regard to Finance Minister Lindner’s statements. What is certain is that anger and misunderstanding are inevitable – even if it is not even clear when the EPP for students will come.