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Ocarina of Time’s speedrun trick breaks records and summons Arwings


Speed ​​runners The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has discovered a way to summon an Arwing, it is true, the space fighter of Star Fox 64 – without using mods or a cheat device. And the method that allows them to do this has also dramatically reduced world record time for Ocarina, one of the fastest games in the community.

The two things, the Arwing register and the speedrun, are not necessarily related to each other. But both involve something called “arbitrary code execution” or ACE. This means that the game may be forced to load and execute a save file name as if it were the game code, so the use of a save file name that is the game code can access parts of the game. leftovers from its development and test.

“The first obvious use was to deform the game’s final credits,” Redditor Two-Tone wrote, and that has taken almost five minutes off. The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of timeThe world record at any time. Speedrunner Lozoots has used ACE to set and beat the world record repeatedly over the past week. This is what the current record looks like:

Ocarina of time It is the fifth fastest game (by total number of races, with 6,316) according to For four years, the world record time for Any% was in the 17-minute range, before Torje finally broke the 17-minute barrier with a 16: 58.336 run on July 12. But with the discovery of ACE, Lozoots has set four world records since January 15, all of them faster than 13 minutes.

More intriguing, although not entirely useful for speedrunning, is the invocation of Arwing. And it is not simply a static model: the Arwing is fully animated, with flying behavior and attacks. As Redditor Two-Tone explains, the Arwing was “the base of the head of the Temple of Fire, Volvagia, since the Arwing’s movement patterns have proven to be identical.” The Arwing was also used to test Link’s Z target (lock-in orientation), a game mechanism that made its first appearance on Zelda in Ocarina of time.

When players enter the game by executing an arbitrary code, players do not generate a useful buddy, but instead get a rather annoying enemy that rains laser fire on Link from all directions. Still, the Twitch Zfg1 transmitter manages to take one with a boomerang in this clip:

If you have trouble reading what is written on the left of the screen in that clip, it says:

By doing ACE three times with different specific file names, you can remove the character limit when creating the file name. With no character limit, you can type any payload you want at any length. With this you can basically do anything, and it is known as Total Control.

Of course, it remains to be seen how much Total Control can be used to reduce a speed that is now primarily cut scenes, with the runner opening them step by step as quickly as possible. There is still some play in an ACE-assisted Any% race, mainly in the form of a map tour, but there doesn’t seem to be much more that can be taken out of Lozoots’ time.

On the other hand, six months ago, some people said almost the same about the time of 16: 58.336 of Torje. Everything proves, once again, that every time someone predicts that the last speed milestone cannot be improved, they are generally wrong.


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