Occitania : how to eliminate the radon, carcinogenic gas that s'prompt in you ?

D difficult to detect, radon, radioactive gas that occurs naturally in the soil of a large part of the region of Occitania, seeping into the houses in any discretion. But the solutions to eliminate it are often simple.

The danger with radon is that it can enter the home via the networks, the cracks and accumulate in certain parts. In air, diffusing in the atmosphere, it represents no danger. But if he stays in a cellar room, a little airy, ground-floor or first floor, it is necessary to be wary of. In fact, prolonged exposure can be dangerous for the man.

To remove the radon from our homes, it is necessary to identify where it is.

Bruno Bourgeois / SNRIS

To detect it, it is necessary to ask a dosimeter

first, You can consult the interactive map of the Institute of radiation protection and nuclear safety (IRSN) to find out if your municipality is part of a risk area for radon.

To find out if radon accumulates effectively, you need then ask a dosimeter. It is a small box, place it on a piece of furniture in your living room, to the height of face preference. At the end of two months, an analysis will reveal the level of radon in the air in your home, measured in becquerel per m3. Between 400 Bq/m3 (a standard that will soon be lowered to 300 and 1000, it is recommended to act with corrective measures. Beyond 1000, it is imperative.

The dosimeters (be careful they must be to the standards) range between 25 and 30 € analysis understood. The regional agency for health Occitania in also distributes a thousand, during the winter of 2017-2018 throughout the region.

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Aerating, the gesture is essential

To avoid this, the simple steps are to be preferred : the first one being the ventilation of the rooms of his house. Ten minutes in the morning and evening are recommended. It is better to also leave a space under the doors and allow the air to circulate throughout the home. Also, be sure to clean the vents present on windows.

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A ventilation well-chosen

the Second important point, in the same spirit : the ventilation of the dwelling. Mandatory for new constructions, it is not necessarily installed, however, in older homes. However, the ventilation can completely adjust a radon problem. But beware, not all systems are not good. It is better to consult a counselor in an info space energy (in all departments) to choose from.


The radon that may turn up from the soil through cracks or networks, the systems of canadian wells and the provence are quite discouraged. And the realization of the work of crack sealing or insulation of the home, vis-à-vis the ground floor of the recommended actions.

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