Occupational Health BTP 34 – Hérault

Membership conditions

Membership of SANTE AU TRAVAIL is compulsory as soon as at least one employee is hired. Attendance at convocations of employees and their classification in Simple Medical Surveillance, Reinforced Medical Surveillance, is placed under the sole responsibility of the employer.

By completing the table entitled “Declared employees” (by clicking here), you will thus fulfill your legal obligations, the regulatory information appearing on the back of the table.

We remind you that Health at Work Montpellier BTP provides medical surveillance for all companies in the Building, Public Works and Related Activities sectors (find your NAF / APE code here) of MONTPELLIER and the cantons of CASTELNAU LE LEZ, CASTRIES, CLARET, LATTES, LES MATELLES, LUNEL, MAUGUIO, PIGNAN, and SAINT MARTIN DE LONDON.

Entrance fee

An entrance fee proportionate to the overall workforce of the establishment is requested.


For your membership to be taken into account, be sure to correctly fill in the membership form and the attached staffing table, and send us the entire membership file signed and accompanied by your payment.

Documents to be provided when joining
Download the membership form
Documents to be provided when joining for temporary employees
Membership form for temporary employees
Documents to be provided when joining for displaced employees
Membership form for displaced employees

Staff list

APE and NAF codes for construction