Océane Rose Marie is coming out trans: “I decided to assert myself as I am”


Formerly known as Océanerosemarie, the humorist Océan posted a video where he explains how to assert himself as a trans man. One gesture at a time “Intimate” and “Policy” . He chose a symbolic date to deliver his message. On the occasion of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, May 17, Océanerosemarie shared a video on You Tube, put online by Komitid (an LGBT news site), to announce an important news. Known for his show titled The invisible Lesbian , the comedian said to have “Made the decision to change gender, to affirm myself as I am, a trans man” . Face camera, whoever now wants to be called Ocean return to the “Internalized transphobia” that he has suffered for many years. “Two years ago, after understanding that the masculine in me had always been controlled, crushed, contained, because I was afraid to let it arise, I decided it was enough” explains the artist. “I understood that I was exhausted to be a woman because it was not in adequacy with whom I felt internally” says Ocean, indicating that his gesture is “As intimate as political” . Strong words, far from the recent controversy born of the words of Thierry Ardisson . Without abandoning his humor and as if to thank the audience who accompanied and helped him, the author of Violent kittens claimed he was still ” the same person ” and invited his fans continued to follow him ” with more muscle, hair and with as many rotten jokes ” . A beautiful way to bloom in the city and on stage. Photo credits: CEDRIC PERRIN / BESTIMAGE


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