Ochsenknecht on Wendler & Laura: “Don’t imitate” – People

Natascha Ochsenknecht warns young women who want to become as famous as Laura Müller, the wife of Michael Wendler.

Michael Wendler’s very young wife Laura Müller was already a thorn in the side of Natascha Ochsenknecht. “I don’t think she even knows what she’s talking about, it’s about getting married. These are the dreams of a young girl and at some point – I hope not for her now – the rude awakening will come,” she once said in an interview with RTL.

“To all young girls: No, please don’t copy!”

Now there was another swipe from Natascha Ochsenknecht against the 19-year-old. The reason for this was a report in the “Bild” newspaper. “This is how you become known like Laura Müller” is the title. The article explains, among other things, that Laura gained notoriety (also) thanks to her love affair with Wendler. One tip is to make friends with a celebrity at a party. And when it becomes more, you should post the couple photos on Instagram and Co …

Ochsenknecht is critical of this: “Man, we’ve all been waiting for it. Perfect role model for young people. Grab a celebrity as soon as possible, get married, become an influencer, have a child and whack, welcome, you’re famous and a celebrity. To all young girls: No, please don’t imitate! “

“I just think it’s super cheeky”

She has a much better tip: “Define yourself by your qualities and not by a rapidly decreasing status. Don’t lose your personality and your special self. Trust your abilities …”, she explains.

The posting is not so well received by the fans. “Sorry, but how well-known were you before Uwe?” Criticized a follower. Another is annoyed: “Not a fan of Laura and Wendler, but as a grown woman, I just think it’s super cheeky to comment on it in public. Maybe just ignore it if you don’t like it. So you don’t offer them a platform, but publicly pounding a 20-year-old … just no respect for that. “

Ochsenknecht did not let the criticism sit on him and posted another video shortly afterwards. In it she says: “It would be great if you read the relevant article before you judge.” The “stupid” comments could then save some …

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