“Octave is sick”: Amandine Pellissard takes great care of her son, she gives news

With eight children in the Pellissard family, it is difficult to get through the different viruses. This Saturday March 25, 2023, it was Octave who was sick, as Amandine announced on her Instagram account.

At the head of a family of eight children, Amandine (34 years old) and Alexandre Pellissard (41 years old), discovered in Large families: life in XXL on TF1, will soon be parents for the ninth time. Indeed, after months of unsuccessful attempts marked by several miscarriages and periods of doubt, Alexandre Pellissard confided and confirmed in the program La Beam TV : “Since the time we wait, we tried, but it didn’t work. We had given up, we had forgotten, we just found out a week ago”. And to clarify:She is angry because she didn’t want me to say it“. If this news delights the parents, they are on the other hand categorical on this pregnancy, it will be the last. “We said that the ninth was the last, and then we stop there” added the happy dad of this pretty tribe. But will they change their minds once the newborn arrives in the family?

While waiting to pamper, lovers reconverted into X, take advantage of their children and particularly the youngest, Eighth, new in 2020. And for good reason, the latter is sick as announced by the mother of Léo, Léna, Alina, Louna, Adam, Charles, Hector (and Octave) on her new Instagram account.

The suffering Pellissard children one after the other

She indicated in story, this Saturday March 25, 2023 early in the morning, “Octave is sick“, while specifying orally, with his son at his side: “He coughs, he has a runny nose, it has a little temperature so we’ll see what happens (…) they all had a little rhino / cough this week“. With eight children at home, it seems difficult to get through the many microbes and viruses; especially since one of his brothers would not have escaped the disease that took hold in their home. foyer.

Indeed, later in the day, the former saleswoman gave some news about her struggling tribe: “Friends, Octave is sickhe has trouble going to bed and Charles also begins to hold a good rhino… I’ll give you news tomorrow and we see to do the live tomorrow. I wish you a good night, take care“. The night promises to be somewhat disturbed at the Pellissard’s…

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