Octavia Spencer brings the story of the hair mogul to Netflix

BEVERLY HILLS, California (AP) – A summary of the news from the Summer Summit of Television Critics, where TV networks and streaming services present details of upcoming programs.
Octavia Spencer brings the remarkable saga of black hair care mogul Madam C. J. Walker to TV.
Netflix said Spencer will produce and play in a limited series about the oversized life of Sarah Breedlove, who was professionally known as Walker.
The eight-episode drama is based on the book "On Her Own Ground" by A & # 39; Lelia Bundles and includes the basketball star LeBron James as a producer.
Walker became one of America's first self-made female millionaires by creating and marketing hair products for African-American around the turn of the 20th century.
Netflix said the series will detail the hostility, rivalries and turbulent personal life that characterized Walker's life.
Spencer is an Academy Award winner whose films include "The Shape of Water," "Hidden Figures," and "The Help."
A release date for "Madam C. J. Walker" has not been announced.
Matt Groening said his adult new cartoon "Disenchantment" has a feminist component that sets her apart from his previous shows.
Gröning talked to reporters about bringing new talent to the Netflix show, which included voice actors Abbi Jacobson and Eric Andre.
He also highlighted the differences between the new project and his earlier work, the long-running Fox series The Simpsons.
"One of the reasons why" The Simpsons "is what it is is because of the time constraints," he said. "In this show we can breathe a little more, which I like very much."
The series is particularly characterized by an adult cartoon with a female lead role. It follows the mishaps of an alcoholic, limp princess named Princess Bean, who was spoken by "Broad City" star Abbi Jacobson, who has anything but a sense of purpose.
Accompanied by a personal demon named Luci, played by Andre, and a grubby elf named Elfo (voiced by Nat Faxon), Bean creates mischief in the Dreamland kingdom, where she is notorious for her careless machinations.
Both Jacobson and Andre have built in their shows "Broad City" and "The Eric Andre Show" a following with the hard-to-attract young adult audience. The stars shared their stories about how they grew up with "The Simpsons" and found their place in Groening and Josh Weinstein, the creators and producers of "Disenchantment".
"Disenchantment" premiere on August 17 on Netflix.
MORE & # 39; MASTER & # 39;
Netflix is ​​available to "Master of None" and Aziz Ansari despite a charge of sexual misconduct against him earlier this year.
Cindy Holland, a program manager for the streaming service, said there was a third season for Ansari's co-designed and co-designed comedy.
She added that Netflix "would certainly be happy" to make another "Master of None" season with Ansari, but not required or stated what the production or release timeline might be. The show about a young, singular actor in New York was last aired in 2017.
The allegation that Ansari had acted illegally at an appointment was published in January of this year by the website Babe.net, which did not identify the prosecutor. The report sparked public debate, with some saying that the claim to aggressive sexual behavior sheds light and others dismiss it as a bad date that should remain private.
In a January statement, Ansari confirmed that he apologized to a woman in 2017 when she told him about her discomfort at a sexual encounter in his home that he considered amicable.
Jonah Hill and Emma Stone are on a new TV series dedicated to sensitive issues such as mental illness and the pharmaceutical industry.
The Netflix series, a black comedy titled "Maniac," follows two participants in a bleak late-stage drug trial.
Hill plays a man diagnosed with schizophrenia while Stone plays a woman fixated on broken relationships.
They both sign up to test a mysterious pill believed to cure everything about the mind, but things are not going as planned.
Cindy Holland, Vice President of the Netflix original series, announced that she would debut on September 21st.
Holland called "Maniac" a "thought-provoking fever dream of a show".
The actors competed in 2007 in the teen comedy "Superbad".

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