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We remain committed to our mission to evangelize through film and provide entertainment with values ​​for the whole family. Take note and discover which are all the October premieres that you cannot miss.

Four new films and documentaries are waiting for you along with a whole selection of films to start autumn in the best possible way: with the family!

October premiere cinema

Benedict XVI. “The Pope Emeritus” is a documentary centered on the time of Joseph Ratzinger at the service of the Church as Cardinal Prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith and later as Pope. In these years he has faced two immense tasks: facing the outside, defending the Catholic doctrine against the “dictatorship of relativism” and, facing the inside, the reform of the Church, starting with the confusing structure of Vatican finances. Years of service to the Church and crushing tasks that you think you cannot bear. Was he right to resign? The documentary does not judge, but it does reveal that there was someone in his environment who tried to dissuade him.

Galicia Peregrina. A documentary that brings the viewer closer to the true meaning of doing the Camino de Santiago. On this trip, the protagonist Cristina Maró, together with all the pilgrims that she meets along the Camino, discovers the natural, cultural, local and social beauty that the different routes in Galicia have. In this adventure along the Portuguese route, we will be able to enjoy the two variants that this route has: through the interior, a greener and more rural route; and the other, along the coast, is a variant with the smell of the sea and enjoying the beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. A pilgrimage to Santiago that you cannot miss.

The grumpy. For El Gruñón, all past times were better. Everything done in the world after 1953 is useless and therefore infuriates him. His problems begin with a fall on the stairs of his house that forces him to go live with his son’s family in Helsinki: a “cursed” modern city far from its rural surroundings. His daughter-in-law is a career executive who has no time for him and his son could never count on his father’s friendship. Premiere October 15.

Win the wind. This documentary on the power of life and resilience tells the story of five children who are willing to share with us their daily lives, their doubts and their joys. These children, among all children, have a particularity, they have been diagnosed with serious pathologies, which make them very mature and aware of the moment they live and the power of “now”. But above all, they are still children. Premiere October 22.

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