Octopus cap will be increased to $6,500 for one-off redemption of the next round of consumption coupons – Hong Kong

The 5,000-yuan consumption coupons issued in the first phase will expire before October 31. Different from other payment platforms, users who choose Octopus as the card need to spend RMB 4,000 before they can receive the remaining RMB 1,000 coupons, which brings inconvenience to many users. The Octopus Company stated that it is planning to increase the upper limit of the stored value of Octopus, and said that it will allow eligible users to receive a one-off coupon of 5,000 yuan when issuing coupons in the next stage.

Octopus CEO Li Junming said that the company is planning to increase the upper limit of stored value for bearer physical and virtual Octopus, but the actual amount and technology are still in the negotiation stage, but the upper limit will not exceed the current design of the physical card system of 6,500 yuan.

Many users are dissatisfied that Octopus needs to receive coupons in fractions. Li Junming responded that Octopus will provide users with two choices for the next round of coupons. Users can choose to receive coupons in fractions or in one go. Users who receive the whole consumption coupons need to bind and register their identity in the Octopus app, and cannot add value when all the consumption coupons are used up, so as to prevent users from cashing out the consumption coupons for P2P transfer or ineligible consumption .

The government announced earlier that in addition to Octopus, Tap & Go, Alipay and WeChat Pay HK, Payme and Boc Pay will be newly added as payment platforms for consumer vouchers. The public can apply for switching platforms or submit new applications from Thursday (23rd).

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