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In response to electronic consumer vouchers distributed by the government, Octopus has launched a number of rewards. Among them, there are 1 million places, and the second round of September’s “Monthly Use and Earn Rewards” of 50 yuan has been distributed since yesterday.

Citizens who use Octopus cards to receive electronic consumer vouchers will receive a reward for retail spending of 1,000 yuan or more in September (only retail spending of 200 yuan or more is counted, and retail spending does not include public transportation and parking spending), with a total of 1 million. First come first served. Users can go to the following Octopus webpage and enter their Octopus card number to check whether they belong to the first 1 million people.

If the Octopus card for receiving the coupon has been bound to the Octopus App, it can also be checked in the App. The method is as follows:

●On the homepage, click “Consumption Coupons”;

●Click on the coupon icon next to the eligible Octopus card number;

●After clicking the “Reward” icon in the upper right corner, click “Monthly Use Monthly Reward” to check the retail consumption progress.

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How to receive 50 yuan reward:

From October 10th to November 9th, eligible users can receive a value-added amount of RMB 50 via one of the following methods:

1. Receive through the Octopus App via the NFC function of your mobile phone

2. Non-physical card users can pick up directly in the App

3. Take the card at the Octopus service station in the MTR station

Coupons|Octopus will send 50 yuan to eligible users with enquiries and how to get them

The government distributes electronic consumer vouchers to citizens through four payment platforms.Profile picture


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