Odebrecht case and arbitrations: Alejandro Álvarez was prevented from entering the US and returned to Peru Justice

Alejandro Álvarez Pedroza, one of the 16 lawyers for whom the prosecution asks for preventive detention for 36 months in the case Odebrecht and the arbitrations, he was prevented from entering the United States and returned to Lima tonight.

According to Migration sources, Álvarez Pedroza bought his ticket to Miami on the morning of October 23. This after knowing the request of the prosecutor Germán Juárez and left for that destination a few hours later, because he had no impediment to leave the country.

The arbitrator stayed at the Miami airport as a result of efforts by the Peruvian authorities with their North American peers, who were informed about the request for preventive detention by the Odebrecht Case. Therefore, his return flight to Peru arrived at Jorge Chavez International Airport at approximately 8:38 p.m. Thursday today. After being transferred to the frontier of international departures, lawyer Álvarez Pedroza was put on a stretcher and transferred by ambulance to a local clinic.

It should be mentioned that as soon as his departure from the country was known, tax sources indicated to El Comercio that it represented an “objective fact of procedural danger”. They added that the lawyer's trip could be a favorable element for the pretrial detention requirement made by the prosecution.

Migratory movement of Alejandro Álvarez, lawyer investigated by the Arbitration case.
Migratory movement of Alejandro Álvarez, lawyer investigated by the Arbitration case.

Preventive detention was also requested for Humberto Abanto Verástegui, defender of Jaime Yoshiyama in the investigation of Keiko Fujimori and campaign contributions to the Popular Force political party. Also for lawyers Fernando Cantuarias Salaverry (for whom the Judiciary issued an impediment to leave the country) and Mario Castillo Freyre.

Similarly, for Marcos Espinoza Rimachi, Alfredo Zapata Velasco, Daniel Linares Prado, Emilio Cassina Ramón, Randol Campos Flores, Luis Pardo Narváez, Richard Martín Tirado, Weyden García Rojas, Luis Pebe Romero, Emilio Cassina Rivas, Ramiro Rivera Reyes, Alejandro Alvarez Pedroza and Franz Kundmuller.

Although the hearing was scheduled for Thursday morning, Judge Jorge Chavez Tamariz rescheduled it for October 29, at 9:00 am, because he considered that the right to defense of the arbitrators involved should be guaranteed . In addition, the prosecution will have to incorporate the full statement of Jorge Barata, former superintendent of Odebrecht in Peru, regarding the case.

This Journal revealed today that a detailed list of the alleged illicit payments and the facts that would have been made to benefit Odebrecht. The sum of the deposits under suspicion reaches US $ 5,222,523.

The construction company would have bribed arbitrators to fail in their favor in 26 disputes that it had with the State for sections 2 and 3 of the South Interoceanic Highway, the North Interoceanic Highway, the Santa River project, the San José de Sisa highway and the Carhuaz-San Luis road.

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