Oettinger – Brexit will lead to smaller EU budget have to

Oettinger – Brexit will lead to smaller EU budget
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Vienna (Reuters) – EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger believes the European Union will have to tighten its budget in the future. “Brexit will lead to a smaller budget,” said the EU Commissioner in Vienna on Monday. If a large Member State, who was a net contributor, left the EU, this could not happen without cuts. “That’s why we’ll have to cut in moderation, but notably in almost all household programs,” he said. The EU Commission is currently preparing for the creation of the next multiannual budget, which will apply after 2020. In May, the authority wants to present their proposal. “When it comes to money, there is also dispute,” said Oettinger. There are different interests within the EU. It must be clear that some tasks, such as migration and the protection of the external borders, would cost more than previously planned, said EU Commissioner. According to earlier statements by Oettinger, Britain’s planned exit from the EU would fill a large gap in the EU budget. The commissioner called the sum of twelve to 13 billion euros annually. Despite Brexits, Austria does not want to pay any more to the EU in the future. “It can not be that the EU is smaller and the budget is larger,” said Chancellor Gernot Blümel (ÖVP) after the meeting with Oettinger. The country will take over the EU Presidency in the second half of the year. The financial negotiations with the 27 EU member states also fall into this period.

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