Of 200, at least half complete the Medicine career

Virtual formal admission exams begin at UABJO, but there are complaints about failures and complaints about the sale of spaces in faculties.

By Óscar Rodríguez

Oaxaca, Oax.- This year around 5,000 students will seek to take the admission exam at the Benito Juárez Autonomous University of Oaxaca (UABJO) to propose to become a doctor or nurse.

Gradually, the admission exams that have been carried out online before the yellow traffic light in the contingency for Covid-19 have begun.

According to the Coordinator of Higher Secondary Education in the government of Oaxaca, Francisco Márquez Méndez, through the State System of Universities (Suneo) some 1,200 students took their admission exam virtually.

While, at the Benito Juárez Autonomous University of Oaxaca (UABJO) 3,800 students seek to study medicine.

In an interview, Javier Martínez Marín, academic secretary of the UABJO, affirmed that it is estimated that this year 3,800 high school and high school students will attend a career in the branch of medicine.

He explained that the most demanded faculty is that of Medicine and Surgery, where 2,000 students will seek to take the entrance exam, but there is only room for 250 students.

In the Faculty of Physical Therapy there is a demand for 400 spaces, but only 30 will have space; and in the case of nursing, 400 will seek to take the exam, but only 150 will be able to get the space. The same occurs in the case of Dentistry and Chemistry where the demand is 300 to 400 applicants, but only 100 places have been authorized.

He indicated that since these careers are so in demand, a purification has been started through a virtual preferential diagnostic test with padlocks on the platform to avoid “cheating.”


According to the study of terminal efficiency at the level of Medicine at UABJO, out of every 200 students who enter the Faculty, 100 drop out in the first year, and less than 100 manage to complete their medical career in 5 years.


To fulfill one of its main functions, the Autonomous University “Benito Juárez” of Oaxaca (UABJO), carried out the online diagnostic test for admission to 18 of its 35 Bachelor’s Degrees, informed the rector, Eduardo Bautista Martínez.

He specified that the digital platform had a series of security locks to detect improper actions in case of presentation, at the time of answering each of the reagents included in the exam.

“To access the application, the system performed identity validation through facial recognition, it also had a general monitoring of elements that could interfere in the process and, if any were identified, it sent alerts to both the supporter and the technical team and at a certain moment the process can be canceled ”, he explained.

The degrees in which the exams were presented are: Computing, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Administration, Engineering and Technological Innovation, Semi-schooled Language Teaching, Plastic and Visual Arts, Cultural Management and Sustainable Development.

As well as: Public Administration and Municipal Management, Public Accounting, Tourism and Sustainable Development, Law and Social Sciences, School Economics, Anthropology, Economics in its Open modality and School Language Teaching at the Puerto Escondido and Tehuantepec campuses.

While for the rest of the degree programs, including medicine, the deadline to hold exams is this September 5.

However, there were complaints from students as they warned that 25 percent reported failures because the system imposed by the adopted model that was supported by the Universidad Autónoma Veracruzana fell.

Likewise, on social networks there was a complaint regarding the sale of space in the medical school prior to the examination on social networks.

According to the complaint that is under investigation, up to 160 thousand pesos per space was requested.


The rector of the Autonomous University of Oaxaca (UABJO) Eduardo Bautista Martínez, recognized that the Tehuantepec School of Nursing has become an educational benchmark in the Isthmus region, since its degree is accredited by the Inter-institutional Committees for the Evaluation of the Higher Education (CIEES), guarantee of its educational quality at the national level.

Bautista recognized the work done that in recent years has allowed the training of professionals with a humanistic, critical, participatory, inclusive, participatory and supportive vision.

He said that the institution opened the Surgical Nursing Specialty and began the management to provide the Specialty in Administration of Nursing Services.

He stressed that the degree in addition to being accredited, obtained the Favorable Technical Academic Opinion (OTA) granted by the Inter-Institutional Commission for the Training of Human Resources in Health (CIFRHS), which strengthens its quality in teaching.

He said that this Educational Program (PE) has progressed 98% in the re-accreditation process by CIEES, which could take place in November.

He explained that during his management the construction of the Simulation Clinic was achieved, with the areas of Intensive Care, Reproductive Health, Preventive Medicine, Pediatrics, Clinics, Nutrition, Supply of Material and Pathology. Thus, a psychology clinic was also opened to attend to his students.

Similarly, an amount greater than 600 thousand pesos was obtained from the Expansion Program in the Educational Offer in Higher and Higher Education (PROEXOEES) U079 2020, for the expansion of the library, which is left pending to exercise.

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