Of honey and blood on France 3: what is the crime TV movie worth with Nicolas Gob and Léa François (Plus belle la vie)? – Cinema news

France 3 broadcasts this Saturday evening “De miel et de sang”, a detective fiction carried by Nicolas Gob and Léa François, who has played Barbara for more than 10 years in “Plus belle la vie”. Is the TV movie worth watching?

What is it about ?

After 15 years of absence, Captain Fred Carel, from the Central Office for the Fight against Environmental Damage, returns to the village of Provence which saw him grow up. With Sara, his former high school friend at the head of the gendarmerie, he must investigate the death of Antoine Bernier, killed by dozens of bee stings. It could only be a sad accident, but several suspicious elements challenge Fred and Sara.

They all converge on Louise, Anaïs and Géraldine Portal, three generations of women from an eminent family in the region. First of all, there is this traffic in hives which puts beekeepers, including the Portals, on edge. Above all, 15 years ago, Antoine Bernier was one of the only survivors of the tragic bus accident which claimed the lives of almost the entire local football team.

Louise, Anaïs and Géraldine Portal respectively lost their father, husband and son there. Fred Carel was also on that bus. And it is to Antoine Bernier that he owes his life. Will Sara be able to help Fred finally overcome his trauma and thus reveal the truth?

Saturday, October 1 at 9:10 p.m. on France 3.

Who is it with?

To embody the duo of investigators of De miel et de sang, the production called on Nicolas Gob and Léa François. The first, known for his roles in The Art of Crime or the film The Glittery Shrimps embodies Fred Carel, a policeman who will be confronted with the secrets of the past.

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The second, who has been playing the role of Barbara in Plus belle la vie since 2008, plays the young chief of the gendarmerie who tries to discover the truth around the death of her brother. Eva Darlan (Don’t do this, don’t do that), Selma Kouchy ((Almost) perfect love), Kim Higelin (Plan B) and Sarah Saïdi complete the cast.

On the technical side, it is Lou Jeunet (Judgment without Justice) who passes behind the camera while Marc Eisenchteter (Captain Marleau, PJ) and Thomas Luntz (Candice Renoir) took care of the scenarios.

Well worth a look ?

A man who dies after being stung by a swarm of bees, an investigation led by a former child prodigy from the village and a secret from the past that resurfaces… At first glance, the pitch of De miel et de sang is far from proof of great originality.

However, the screenplay of this 90-minute TV movie manages to surprise us thanks to an ingenious writing, which blurs the tracks without difficulty. All the protagonists are suspects. They all have a motive. But only one of them is the culprit.

The duo of investigators will therefore set about lifting the veil on this mystery which seems to be linked to a secret that haunts this small town in Provence. 18 years earlier, a bus accident took the life of the local football team. Only two people survived: Antoine Bernier, the victim, and Fred Carel, the investigator.

A dark secret seems to surround this accident. Could Antoine’s death be linked to events that occurred more than a decade earlier? That’s what they’re going to try to find out.


Through this complex investigation mixing past and present, Marc Eisenchteter and Thomas Luntz, the two screenwriters, offer us an ingenious reflection on the weight of secrets but also on the heavy legacy of the past. While Fred Carel fled his village because of the heavy secrecy around the bus accident, Christie, Antoine’s daughter, had to learn to live under the aura of her father, considered for years years as the village hero. A hard weight to bear now that his father is no more.

On the casting side, Léa François, who proves to us once again that she knows how to free herself from the More beautiful life label, and Nicolas Gob, accustomed to police roles, form a duo that works and that makes us want to see more.

If its shots are sometimes destabilizing, Of honey and blood remains a modern and young fiction, thanks, in particular to its dynamic editing, which manages to keep us in suspense for 90 minutes. The good surprise of this beginning of the new school year!