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OFC: Lots of similar guys in the orchestra

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And again Mathias Fetsch cheers: The veteran is the OFC’s top scorer this season with 16 goals. After him, however, nothing comes for a long time. Tunay Deniz took second place in the internal ranking with nine goals.

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Thomas Sobotzik, managing director of the regional soccer division Kickers Offenbach, defends the offensive. He doesn’t think it’s stuck there. However: The OFC is missing a counter-attacker. There is also a need for action in the external positions.

Offenbach – Although the Offenbacher Kickers missed the big goal, they are heading in the right direction, says Thomas Sobotzik. “We think we are on the right track,” says the manager of the regional soccer division – and is therefore surprised by critical voices: “In Offenbach the glass is only half empty, never half full.” Although the OFC after the latest 0: 3 bankruptcy in the pursuit duel at SV Elversberg has only theoretical chances of winning the title with five games still outstanding, Sobotzik is “satisfied with what has been achieved”. With a newly formed team, they managed to be “on an equal footing” with SV Elversberg and SSV Ulm 1846, who had been the title favorites before the season. “That is a very good development when you look at it soberly.”

In order to take the next step in this development, the OFC has to improve in some areas. While the defensive (only 29 goals conceded in 37 games) is already one of the best the league has to offer, the Kickers are only the sixth best offensive (67 goals). The team did not score ten times this season – including the top games against Elversberg (0: 0, 0: 3), Steinbach (0: 4), Ulm (0: 1) or FSV Frankfurt (0: 0). Sobotzik does not want to overestimate that, however. “I don’t see that the storm is jammed,” he says, quoting his former coach Otto Rehhagel: “He said a football team is like an orchestra. If someone doesn’t do their job, everything else is worthless. Then it sounds bad. ”However, the managing director is of the opinion that the OFC acted well on the offensive as a collective.

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It honors the 46-year-old ex-professional that he defends the team. However, this is also due to the fact that the managing director does not want to hold any public discussions on personnel in the current phase, in which the Kickers still want to reach second place in order to get into the 3rd division through the back door. He had formulated his expectations of the offensive at the annual general meeting in February 2020 as follows: “To advance, you need two or three players who score in double digits. And you need people to feed them. “

At OFC this season only Mathias Fetsch (16) has such a hit rate. Tunay Deniz (9), who is also the best preparer (14), follows in second place in the internal ranking. It is also noticeable that the OFC has several similar types of strikers in the squad. Fetsch, Elia Soriano and Florent Bojaj have all been used as the sole front and as a hanging attacker this season. A counter-attacker is missing, however. In any case, the switching cycle can be expanded. The Kickers rarely scored goals after attacking quickly, but this was also due to the attacking midfield. There is a need for action, especially in the external positions. Serkan Firat has been involved in 18 goals this season but does not have his strengths in counterattacking. Davud Tuma is quick and tricky, but rarely effective. Marcell Sobotta has been hanging in a hole for months and Jakob Lemmer’s breakthrough is still a long time coming. It also fits that the Kickers were interested in Raphael Assibey-Mensah (ten goals, six assists for TSV Schott Mainz). However, the outside attacker switched to SC Freiburg II.

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Sobotzik points out, however, that the OFC had bad luck with injuries this season. Soriano has been out for weeks. Abu Bakarr Kargbo was even absent from the start of the round due to a torn cruciate ligament. He made his debut in the Kickers jersey just last week in Elversberg – as a substitute. Ristic ruled out a start on Saturday (2 p.m.) against Koblenz from the start. “We have to introduce him with sense and understanding,” said the coach. (By Christian Düncher)

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