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Off. Remembering a child in the train of death

Avignon, special envoy.

Unable to remain in place, to sit like everyone else in such circumstances, the man comes and goes before the microphone of a large tape recorder. In his world of watchmaking (beautiful scenography by Nils Zachariasen), he tells both accurate and hesitant, because the memory remains hot, highlights the detail, gets carried away, always incisive, revolted … "This It's not my story that I want to tell you, "he said to his son, who had gone to live in the United States, and to whom these tapes are destined. He explained, a little: "At that time, love was to chase his children. I could have avoided the sister and you from being in the train that led us to … "

Z, it's his name in front of the microphone, is a survivor

The director Christophe Ghent set up the action in the 1960s. The author, Gilles Ségal, who himself played the role, published this story in 2001. There he speaks of years much darker, of those of convoys of death, of the deportation of Jews by the Nazis. With delicacy, how to speak of the Holocaust without crying? It is important to highlight the beautiful lights of Denis Koransky and the music of Raphael Sanchez who dress this last trip with class and restraint. Z, it's his name in front of the microphone, is a survivor. Recently, he is a grandfather, as evidenced by the picture he recently received.

The individual he evokes died under German bullets upon arrival at the camp. Z talks about the child of this 12-year-old boy, who was swept away by dysentery the day before this seven-day journey. The witness, the survivor, the miracle worker, he who did not believe in heaven anymore, because, "this seventh day, god rested", says with just enough modesty that it is bearable death that mows the most vulnerable crammed into a wagon like goods. He describes the pile of corpses growing every morning. The latrine corner organized behind a wall of dead flesh. The total absence of food and water, and the stench of excrement and rotting bodies. But, above all, it bears witness to the strength of character, even in their last moments, of this father and his son. Without pathos, with the humor of derision, of survival, Z, in his own way, testifies in their place, rendering them an immense homage.

A kid, refugee in the present, but suspecting the future

In the role of man all his life tormented since, David Brécourt is simply remarkable. Each of her words being dosed with the weight of her pain. The father, during these last days of desperation, tried to keep the child's intelligence awake, wanting to teach him in a hurry what a normal life should have taught him (French, mathematics, philosophy, love …) . The boy, now in the present, but suspecting the future, making his father believe that he is convinced that everything will be fine. Each deceiving the other to comfort him as best he could. What an immense lesson. Delivered here within human reach, for the memory and not to hide the brown spots that are drawn with more or less opacity on the map of Europe.


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