Off Side: [VER VIDEO VIRAL] He wanted to win back his ex by serenading him and

It’s not worth crying! A video viral has been causing a stir in Facebook by showing the failed attempt at conquest of a young man by serenading his ex-partner, without imagining that she had already started another relationship. The protagonist of the clip started singing ‘My reason for being’ by the MS Band to get her attention, but what happened next broke her heart into a thousand pieces.

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Determined and accompanied by his friends, he came to the girl’s door and began to sing. One of his companions held a speaker for him and the other recorded the moment. But everything did not go as he thought and the outcome of this story was unexpected for the young man.

The fact that occurred in the Morelia State in Mexico shows the man in question passionately singing the song, when suddenly his ex-partner appeared a bit dazed and asking him to leave the ‘show’ and he retires from his house, however the romantic continues with his interpretation.

But everything turned gray for the boy when another man came out of Mariana’s house and hugged the young woman, implying that they had a sentimental bond. That was the precise moment when the singer burst into tears but, curiously, he never stopped singing.

Immediately, the young man who was singing could not bear the humiliation anymore and burst into tears. Then his two friends present tried to console: “Easy, guey, easy, you didn’t deserve it”said one of them. Mariana why! Why did you leave me if I wanted you a ching *? “the young man snapped.

Thus, the video viral published in Facebook by Navarretes Mexico It is a trend in several countries and one of the most talked about clips on social networks. The truth is that according to the site it is all a joke devised by the aforementioned page that is responsible for creating viral videos.


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