Offenbach: Sports badge day on September 25th

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On September 25th, children from the age of six, young people and adults will once again have the opportunity to complete the exams for the German Sports Badge in one day at the Rosenhöhe and in the nearby forest swimming pool.

The sports badge day on Sunday, September 25, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Rosenhöhe and in the forest swimming pool is all about endurance, strength, speed and coordination. The requirements are staggered according to age, so that older people can also meet the requirements well. “Anyone who does sports regularly is very likely to do their personal tasks directly in gold without additional training,” Marion Müller from the municipal sports management team encourages young and old to face the sporting challenges. The state-recognized badge of honor according to the order law of the Federal Republic of Germany is of course also awarded in silver and bronze. In any case, it is a prerequisite to be able to swim. In addition, the participants have to master a discipline from the categories of endurance, strength, speed and coordination. On the Sports Badge Day, there are offers from the sports of athletics, swimming and rope skipping to choose from.

Anyone who would like to take part should first contact the registration reception at the Rosenhöhe sports facility, Lauterbornweg 7, near the running track on the day of the event. Interested parties can get all further information there.

Voluntary help from the city and district of Offenbach

For the first time, the first chairman, Jörg Wagner, and the sports badge officer, Mareike Bauer, will be on site as examiners from the Offenbach sports district. Four other chairmen from the clubs TGS Bieber, TV Offenbach, LG Offenbach and WSV 1923 also volunteer as qualified sports badge examiners. Volunteers from the district of Offenbach are also there, and so are qualified examiners from TG Obertshausen and TV Langen. As in the previous year, Christina Haack, the sports badge officer of the State Sports Association of Hesse, has again promised her competent support.

This event is organized by Marion Müller from the sports management of the city of Offenbach, who will be on duty together with colleague Karolina Janzen on sports badge day. The services to be provided and further information on the German Sports Badge are available on the Internet under the link below.

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Further information
Website for the German Sports Badge

Poster for the sports badge day in Offenbach am Main (PDF file 1.87 MB)

(Text: PM City of Offenbach)