Offenbach wants to become a “sponge city” –

Experts agree that extreme weather events such as heavy rain will become more and more common in the coming years.

The city of Offenbach now sees high time to prepare for this. Mayor Sabine Groß and Head of the Environment Agency Heike Hollerbach say in the FFH interview: It’s not five to, but “shortly after twelve”.

Soak up water locally in many places

The idea: Offenbach should become a sponge city so that all the rain doesn’t flow into the sewage system and overflow there in case of doubt. Through various measures – more rainwater retention basins or greening of roofs – the water should be sucked up locally in many places, just like through a sponge.

And every homeowner can help by unsealing their area, says Groß. That even brings money: the city gives 50 euros per square meter of unsealed area.