Offer another lore! Cristiano Ronaldo reversal in the Champions League for 2 consecutive rounds and set 2 big records_Manchester United

Original title: Another lore! Cristiano Ronaldo has set 2 records in 2 consecutive rounds of Champions League reversal

Cristiano Ronaldo is an evergreen tree in world football. At the age of 36, the Portuguese super striker is still at his peak. In the game against Atlanta, Cristiano Ronaldo made the first match on behalf of Manchester United, unlocking the 300th game of Manchester United’s career, and also scored a golden lore goal. It is worth mentioning that this is already Ronaldo’s two consecutive lore in the Champions League. Today, Ronaldo is really unstoppable.

First of all, let’s take a look at Ronaldo’s goal. In the 81st minute of the game, Luke Shaw took the ball on the left and then passed the ball. Ronaldo jumped high in the penalty area to grab the first drop. Nodding the ball to the goal, the opponent’s goalkeeper has no choice but to watch the ball fly into the net. After scoring the goal, Manchester United also locked the score on the field at 3-2, completing a “let two chase three” reversal.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance in the whole game was quite wonderful. In this game, Ronaldo played the entire game and completed a total of 7 shots, including 4 shots on the target, scoring a golden goal, and 8 successful confrontations. 4 times. It is precisely because of Ronaldo’s performance that Manchester United can achieve a shocking reversal with two goals behind. It needs to be pointed out that after the victory over Atlanta, Manchester United has ranked first in this group. And if Manchester United lose the game, they will be at the bottom. From this perspective, Ronaldo’s goal is worth a thousand dollars.

After scoring this lore goal, Ronaldo continued to set his own scoring record in the Champions League. In Manchester United’s UEFA Champions League group stage this season, Ronaldo scored goals. According to Opta’s statistics, this is the second time Cristiano Ronaldo has scored for Manchester United in three consecutive Champions League matches. The first time was in November 2007, when they won the Champions League. More importantly, Atlanta is the 38th goal of a different team broken by Ronaldo in the Champions League and continues to set a record of its own creation. It is worth mentioning that in history, only 17 players have scored 38 goals or more in the Champions League, which can prove from the side how terrifying Ronaldo’s record of scoring 38 different teams.

It can be said that with C Ronaldo, Manchester United has the hope of winning. This weekend, Manchester United will also face the mighty Liverpool at Old Trafford Stadium. Before the start of the much-anticipated Double Red Club, Manchester United completed such a reversal, which to a certain extent also gave Manchester United soldiers a great encouragement. Of course, when it comes to the Double Red Club, the core player in the Manchester United team will naturally be the 36-year-old “teenager” Ronaldo.Return to Sohu to see more


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